This QPOC Life (Audio)

This QPOC Life is a podcast that looks at the world through the lens of a Queer Person of Color. One of the goals of the podcast was to have a consistent and professional sound. With access to BRIC’s podcasting studio, I engineer and edit each episode. I also created the podcast’s theme song, intro music, and break music.

In 2019, This QPOC Life won People’s Choice at the BRIC Media B-Free Awards.


  • 50+ episodes up to podcast loudness standards
  • Theme song
  • Audio sequencing


  • StudioOne Capture, Reaper, Izotope RX 7, Ableton Live
  • Podcast Distribution & SEO
  • Music Production, Sound Engineering & Audio Editing

Podcast Intro

Theme Song

Episode 50 - The Golden Jubilee

The cast of This QPOC Life occasionally treats their listeners to scripted audio drama during the breaks of the show. Written by Johnathan Gibbs, I sequenced sound effects, music, and vocal processing to bring the stories to life.

Part 1: Jubilee and Chill
PArt 2: An Enemy returns
Part 3: The Confrontation

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