Travis Montez

Travis Montez is a poet, author, and spoken word artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

He asked me to come on board to produce his first ever poetry album. He wanted it to be more than spoken work juxtaposed against background music. Together, we set out to create an album where the music and the poetry worked together to tell a complete story.

This was a special opportunity for me as the first complete album I ever produced. I took my cues from his favorite musical influences in classic and modern R&B, like Sadé, Lauryn, Erykah, Prince, and H.E.R..

Telling the story of love between men of color, of being apart and learning how to communicate, this was personal for me as much as it was for Travis. It was an opportunity to put more of my own story into the music.

We recorded his vocal performances in his apartment in one afternoon on an AT4040 and the Kaotica Eyeball. Contending with noise from neighbors, I used Izotope RX 7 to remove unwanted sounds. Once the music was mixed and mastered, I helped Travis with the process of distributing his album through CD Baby.


  • Ableton Live, Reaper
  • Recording (on location)
  • Izotope RX 7 (audio cleanup)
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Preparation for digital distribution

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